When I was a boy, I put some shredded cheese into a bowl and filled it up with water. “Look, Mom,” I exclaimed. “I’m cooking!” Her grimace was confirmation that I was, in fact, not cooking. Sometime later in my childhood, I would cover a bowl of spaghetti with blue sugar sprinkles. I took one bite and almost threw up on the family cat, so it’s safe to say that I still did not know how to cook––but I was fascinated by food nonetheless.

In 2010, I began following my still-to-this-day favorite food blog, Food Wishes, starring chef John Mitzewich, and that helped me learn how to cook. From there, my interest in food took off like any good passion, growing organically over the next few years and up until today. And now it’s time to turn my passion into a craft.

This blog has two main areas:

ADVENTURES, where I go out and try a new food or restaurant and then post about it.

RECIPES, where I cook something and post photos and the recipe for you, if you want it.

In this area, you might look at D.C. to find good food, but there’s a lot of great eating in your peripheral view.


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