Eric’s Original Crab & Corn Fritters at Mike and Eric’s Front Street Restaurant

How about THAT title? Nice and long for you.

This will be my final post about St. Michael’s, Md. For now, at least!

These fritters are beyond delicious. At first glance, they seem super breaded––they are not. Once you bite in, you rip that bread open and see crabmeat strewn about. What’s more? There’s whole corn inside. It’s crispy crab cornbread. The bread is sweet and salty, just the way I like my cornbread. But the sweetness of the crab with the texture of the corn is what seals the deal.

The sauce? A red pepper aioli. If you didn’t know, aioli = garlic mayonnaise. It tastes like roasted red peppers and garlic. Add that to the perfection that are the fritters, and you’ve got an appetizer that you’d prefer was an entree.

Go check it out!



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