Steak and Cheese Sub at Deli Italiano

Okay. I know some people are ready to throw rocks at me for saying that this steak and cheese, with all of its apparent lettuce and other non-beef-and-cheese items, is one of the best steak and cheeses I’ve had.

Let the rocks fly. It’s not as piled up with non-essential food stuffs as you might think. Take a look at the sub underneath:

wpid-img_20150724_225624.jpgIt’s there! It’s just covered by some stuff. And you know what? That stuff adds texture. The lettuce is a lot crunchier than you’d expect it to be. The tomatoes are fresh. And those acidic, tasty little banana peppers pack a bite that isn’t spicy––it’s tangy. Super tangy. Those banana peppers bleed onto the meat and make it so flavorful. There are two things I do not enjoy without banana peppers, and one of them is a cheesesteak.

I’ll look out my windows at night now, making sure there isn’t a hit out on me. Try it out! It’s delicious! But you know what really seals the deal? The fries.


You’ve had steak fries before. But you know how they’re usually too big? How they are crispy for a split second, and then just mushy and flavorless? These are not. Their crisp lasts, and they’re seasoned well. They’re notjust something you eat when you’ve finished your sandwich and you’re still hungry. You have to be careful; if you eat too many before you finish your sandwich––and you might––you’ll be full and waste food. Well done, Deli Italiano.

My parents have been ordering margarita pizza from this place for years. They have a new location now, though still in Great Falls. They also have locations in Arlington and Leesburg, but I cannot attest to their deliciousness. Here’s hoping the other two are just as good as their Great Falls location. Check it out! They deliver!


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