Chicken Teriyaki Deluxe at Bento House

At long last, Bento House in Reston, Va., has opened up.

Located in the Home Depot shopping center at the corner of Baron Cameron and Reston Parkway, Bento House is a quick Japanese restaurant specializing in teriyaki bento boxes, but the menu also sports a few sushi rolls and even some ramen options.

I ordered the chicken teriyake deluxe bento box, which included a spring roll, a cabbage and broccoli salad, and four pieces of a California roll.

The teriyaki, especially at the low price of $7.95 (all together), was quite tasty. I even had leftovers for lunch.

If you need a quick meal in the Reston area, and you’re tired of the typical fast food,┬áthen here you go. This is what you need. Trust me.



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