Beef Stir Fry

This. This is it. The ultimate easy meal. I’ll be making this a ton in the future.

The sauce I used (after cooking) was this:

Photo cred:

I got it as a really nifty Christmas gift from my girlfriend’s parents. I also used the rice cooker they got me to cook up some rice to accompany the stir fry. Christmas was very good to me this year.

So, let’s see some pictures.

Onions and bell peppers, sliced.

Next, the beef. To be honest with you, I totally forgot what kind of beef I got, but I was looking for something that would be really tender. Typically, people cut sirloin into strips and use that. I think I used some beef that was cut up so that you can cook it into sandwich meat. You’ll see below:

Once those were cut into strips, I seasoned with salt and pepper.

Now, to cook it all. First up is the beef. I made the mistake of adding the veggies into the pot when the beef was lightly brown, but I ended up overcrowding the pot, so I removed the beef and set aside until later.


That worked out because the residual juices from the beef added some extra flavor to my veggies. Once they were soft, I cranked up the heat a little and re-added the beef. Everything browned a bit more.


After that, I turned the heat down a little and added about a half cup of the bulgogi marinade, and that was it!


Sweet and salty with plenty of starch from the rice. I added a little Sriracha as well. I will be making this again very soon.



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