Mustard Crusted Chicken at Not Your Average Joe’s

After a few months of anticipation, the Reston, Va., installation of Not Your Average Joe’s finally opened its doors on Jan. 4.

Originally opened up in 1994 in Boston, Not Your Average Joe’s set out to be more than just a chain restaurant. The new American menu features an assortment of meats and fish, as well as a separate gluten-free menu. Pretty nifty for people who need their food to be prepared a specific way.

The space has been renovated and looks really cool on the inside, but if you plan on going, I suggest getting a reservation, as everyone wants in on the new restaurant.

We started out with some chicken tenders. They were in a tangy buffalo sauce and served with a bleu cheese sauce and a pineapple relish:


Next up, a cup of their clam chowder.


And for my entree, a mustard and panko bread crumb crusted chicken breast (actually, two of them), served with well seasoned green beans and some garlic mashed potatoes.


I wish the photos were a bit better quality, but the place has a dark interior. I’ll be returning to check out some of the other menu items.


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