Mason’s Original Meatloaf at Mason’s

Wanting to try some restaurants in the periphery of St. Michael’s, we went to check out what’s dubbed Easton’s favorite restaurant.

Easton, Md., is located about 10 miles east of St. Michael’s, and while the two towns share that old-fashioned, historic feel, Easton is ostensibly more urban.

Established in 1966, Mason’s features classic American cuisine with favorites like the oyster po’ boy and––as you can see from the photo––meatloaf. The restaurant vows to provide you with classic food that takes advantage of the town’s location and the large amount of seafood available there. That said, I still went with the meatloaf.

What a bold meal. The green beans at the base of the entree were really fresh and lightly steamed, retaining their crunch. The meatloaf on top was thick and herbaceous. Not a lot of filler there. The sauce was almost like a barbecue sauce, deep in oniony flavor and viscous. The mashed potatoes carried a sharp garlic taste.

We ate this meal as a late breakfast and it kept me full for most of the day.

In addition to the food, Mason’s features chocolates which have been a staple of the restaurant since its inception, though we did not try them. Worth revisiting to check them out? Yes. It’s chocolate. Duh.

I guess it’s worth mentioning that after Wedding Crashers debuted in 2006, I couldn’t visit the St. Michael’s area and NOT order meatloaf in some shape or form.



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