Men P’aw Gourmet Green Peppa Madness

That’s it. I’ve found my favorite hot sauce on the planet.

Men P’aw Gourmet’s Green Peppa Madness is the tastiest hot sauce I have ever eaten. What started out as a one-spoonful taste test turned into me consuming half of the bottle. I am not kidding.

This sauce shares similarities with the company’s regular sauce, the Men P’aw Gourmet Hot Sauce, but the two are different.

Ted Barrus is a pro at reviewing this stuff. His reviews are the ones you should watch; they helped me find these sauces. I am in his and Men P’aw owner Carline Phinor’s debt. Wow. Here’s Barrus’ review:

This hot sauce, unlike the other one, does not include MSG. It’s still just as flavorful without. Also, something of note, the ingredients are a little different in my bottle than in Barrus’ bottle, but it’s not a huge difference.

This sauce contains four different types of chilis: green habaneros, jalapenos, fatalli peppers, and datil peppers. Fatallis are fruity and citrusy, and the same can be said for datils. Both are about as spicy as the habanero.

That said, I taste habaneros more than anything else, but this sauce is veritably less spicy than the other one. I suspect that’s because it’s diluted with the jalapenos. I actually enjoy that. It’s why I’ve been able to eat so much of the sauce and not burn my face off.

You can order it online, so try it out.




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