Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese at Spacebar

Spacebar is a wonderful place.

Located in the heart of Falls Church, Va., the restaurant and bar offers a huge variety of beer and grilled cheeses, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Huge is an understatement; if you don’t like any of the TWENTY different grilled cheeses they have featured on the menu, you can make your own, choosing from four┬ábreads, nine cheeses, thirty-four toppings, and ten sauces. Or you can go with the renown tater tots.

I went with the No. 20 grilled cheese: pulled pork barbecue, crispy shallots, and sharp cheddar cheese on rye. The tangy bbq sauce complimented the sharpness of the cheddar well. I also got the chipotle garlic mayonnaise as a side sauce, which lightly smokey, garlicy, and not very spicy.


Did I mention the beer? The place has twenty-four taps. 24. From breweries near and far. Plus, they’ve got some domestics on the menu in bottles.

While Spacebar does have a dedicated parking lot, it’s VERY small, so I recommend finding parking on one of the side streets. The inside is also on the smaller side, so it fills up quick. But there’s plenty of bar space and a number of booths. They did what they could with the space. A few friends and I actually packed that place full, once. Which leads me into my final note:

A fun fact: before Spacebar moved into that little space, it used to be home to Stacy’s Coffee Parlor, which hosted my high school band a number of times back in the day. Very fond memories, and while the inside now looks totally different, I still appreciate the flashes of the past I sometimes get while inside.



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