Beef Teriyaki at Ariake

We returned to Ariake about a week ago for some lunch, in part because we were craving it, but mostly because Ariake’s Saturday lunch specials menu is very cheap.

I’ve posted about Ariake before, but in case you didn’t see that post, the restaurant is located in southern Reston, Va., and is probably the best Japanese restaurant you’re going to come across in the area.

I started off with some fatty tuna and fatty salmon nigiri:


The fatty tuna and fatty salmon both come from the bellies of their respective fish. The extra fat makes the fish more tender than, say, a regular piece of tuna. It sometimes gives you the sensation that it’s melting in your mouth, but if we’re being completely honest here, it’d be hard to find sushi of that quality in this area. One of these days, I hope to try sushi in Japan!

After that was finished, out came my beef teriyaki:


The grilled sirloin was served on top of mung bean sprouts and with rice on the side. Very savory, very rich in flavor. Worth checking out if you like tasty and cheap lunches on the weekends!


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