Florida Grouper at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Make no mistake, you’re paying for quality at Eddie V’s, so make this a special occasion outing. That said, the food was really delicious and worth it.

Located in the heart of Tyson’s Corner, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood hasn’t been around for long. It’s in one of the new buildings which encapsulate the new plaza area that was built onto Tyson’s Mall.

We started with the calamari and gyoza as appetizers:


There was a ton of filler included with the calamari for some reason. I’m not sure why they felt it necessary to include so many rice fritters and vegetable slices with the calamari (I’d guess that 80 percent of the dish was filler).

But the calamari was crunchy and accompanied by a really tangy, sticky, probably Chinese-inspired sauce. Yum.

And the gyoza:


I will love gyoza pretty much no matter what. The dumplings are crispy on the side they’re fried on, and chewy elsewhere, filled with green onions and delicious pork. The gyoza were served with a soy dipping sauce.

And then my entree, the Florida Grouper:


Sorry for the bad quality, but it was very dim in the restaurant (for ambiance). I really like grouper because it’s a meaty fish and has a delicate taste. The grouper was served in a lemon and white wine sauce which did not overpower its taste.


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