Kizuna Ramen at Kizuna

So, I was stuck in traffic the other morning on Route 7.

What a surprise, right? That sounds like the beginning of a joke. A very unfunny and uncomfortably realistic joke. But, I digress.

What WAS a surprise was peering over to my right and seeing Kizuna Sushi and Ramen tucked away just after Route 123. I rubbed my eyes. Could it be?

Yep. It’s real! A place to grab a bowl of ramen just down the street from where I work.

The place is striking because a lot of Japanese restaurants don’t offer ramen. I imagine it’s hard to juggle a full menu and, on top of that, brew up pork bone broth for hours and hours.

We started out with some tater tots that were topped with pork and Kizuna’s homemade spicy mayo:


The pork was a bit tough by itself, but when eaten with the soft and lightly crunchy tater tots, the textures were actually quite nice.

After that, we tried the “Inferno Roll.” A lot of places advertise some of their dishes as being spicy, but the dishes don’t live up to that title. Not so with this roll, which sported fresh jalapenos and some sort of habanero mash in the middle:


Even made my eyes well up. And after that was done, we were ready for the main act, the ramen. We each got a bowl of the Kizuna Ramen, which is tonkotsu ramen with three slices of pork belly, bamboo shoots, green onion, picked red ginger, bean sprouts, charred garlic oil and half of a softboiled egg.


At $15 a bowl, the Kizuna Ramen is pricey. I think they try to justify it by adding a third slide of chasu and half of an egg (meaning they don’t include an egg in their other options – only as an “add on”). I don’t like to write negative things on here, but it’s tough to get beyond the price when you could go anywhere else for a good bowl of ramen for $4 cheaper.

It should be said that I enjoy the sushi and appetizer very much. Hey, maybe I’m wrong, so go check it out for yourself!


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