Pumpkin Curry Salmon at La Ong Thai Bistro

La Ong Thai Bistro is all about chasing those big flavors.

Each time I’ve eaten here, I walk away feeling more awake.¬†They don’t serve anything dull. Their dishes are tangy or bust.

This time around, I went with the salmon. Now, on the menu, they call it “Grilled Salmon,” but that does neither the dish nor the restaurant justice. Their grilled salmon is BIGGER than that, BETTER than that.

It’s red curry pumpkin grilled salmon.

Now that it’s October, this is a pretty apt little dish for you.wpid-img_20151005_114830.jpg

The salmon was crispy on the outside, likely pan fried. The curry sauce was super tasty, though not much pumpkin came through. It just tasted like a sweet red curry. I imagine that’s why they included little chunks of pumpkin as garnish to make up for that. Not spicy, but then again, my tolerance has gone up.

Also, I’ve got to include a photo of my dessert:


I have maybe two memories of enjoying dessert, and this is one of them. My god, the hot lava cake was so spongey and melted along with the vanilla ice cream. People were probably staring at me eating it; I was making noises.

La Ong Thai Bistro is located in South Reston right off Fox Mill Road. Plenty of parking, and they’re open seven days a week. You should swing by and try it out.


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