The Dons’ Original Offer at The Dons’ Wood Fired Pizza

My trip to Pepe’s Pizza in Connecticut last January was a religious experience.

I have never, to this day, had pizza so delicious.

I wasn’t crazy about pizza before Pepe’s, either. Just didn’t care much for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve certainly eaten my weight it over the years. One time, in college, I ate so much pizza that I threw up. Think that’s a joke? Yep, it isn’t.

But pizza hasn’t ever been, like, my favorite.

Then, Pepe’s.

I won’t really talk about Pepe’s pizza until I review it myself during my next trip to Connecticut. But that’s okay, because until then, we have The Dons’ Wood Fired Pizza.

Located in a shopping center in Sterling, Va., the Dons’ uses a wood fire oven. That’s the key here. Thin crust, simple ingredients, FRESH ingredients, and WOOD FIRE OVEN.

We had what was called “The Dons’ Original Offer,” which is tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesean cheese, romano cheese, oilve oil, and fresh basil. That was IT.

But in this case, simplicity yields supremacy.

The crust is thin, almost like a pita. Mostly, it was chewy and had great flavor. When cooked in the oven, it picks up some flavorful char on the outside. There’s some crunch for you. Add that texture to the tang of the tomato sauce and the ecstasy that is fresh mozzarella, and that’s a pie! That’s a pie worth reviewing.



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