Oktoberfest Reston

This weekend was Oktoberfest Reston, our little nod toward the annual German festival.

Oktoberfest Reston is an annual event that, the past three years, has seen unpleasant weather. Not this weekend!

We decided to check it out Saturday, but the event extended through Sunday. I took a bunch of photos, so check ’em out!


A band decked out in lederhosen set up in the ice rink and played traditional German tunes while people milled about on Market St.


Local food trucks and a bunch of hungry event goers.


Many booths.


People checking out what the festival had to offer.


Craft beer alley, as they called it. Shout out to Old Bust Head, who carried an Irish Red Ale that I’d never tried before. Very tasty!


Stein-holding contest! The woman on the far end won.


And then the men. This time, the guy closest to us won.


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