Hickory Grilled Jumbo Shrimp at Jackson’s

Bam. You want flavor? Try this.

I’ve been to Jackson’s Might Fine Food & Lucky Lounge (Jackson’s for short) maybe four times in the past six months, and each time I’ve visited, I’ve ordered this dish.

Just a quick note about the restaurant in case you’re unfamiliar: Jackson’s, located in Reston, Va., is owned by Great American Restaurants (whose best known restaurant is probably Sweetwater Tavern, to which Jackson’s is similar.)

Back to the food!

The shrimp has nice char on it, and it’s never been overcooked as far as I’ve seen. Check it:


Jackson’s puts a Mediterranean spin on this dish by pairing the shrimp with a light orzo salad, pictured below:


As you can see, the orzo salad is comprised of orzo, red onions, capers, asparagus slivers, and a few other ingredients.

Not pictured is the third component of the dish: oven roasted tomatoes in a tasty seasoned olive oil with little globs of really rich goat cheese. That goat cheese adds a delightful creaminess to any bite you’re going to take while eating this dish.

Jackson’s is located in the Reston Town Center (RTC) and is, to me, emblematic of Reston’s transformation over the years.

When I used to go to RTC as a kid, the entire “city block” in front of Jackson’s was a parking lot. Then, RTC started expanding.

After years of construction, RTC settled at its first milestone of that era’s development, and Jackson’s was THE restaurant of that era. At least, that’s how I remember it. Since then, RTC has continued its expansion, even up to now. It’s becoming a mini metropolis.

But that’s not really related to food, so I digress. Just a little aside for you.

The restaurant, from what I’ve seen, has very little turnover and a committed “regular” crowd, both of which are great signs. It’s also got a nice, classy atmosphere that lends itself well to singles trying to mingle or to those looking to unwind after an annoying work day.

Worth checking out!




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