Crab Cake at Victoria’s Gastro Pub

Victoria’s was such a pleasant and random surprise that I’m still surprised we happened upon it. It was just one of those instances of things falling into place.

We happened to be in Columbia, Md., over the weekend, and we were craving some good food. My brother-in-law suggested Victoria’s to us, and we bit.

Fun fact: Columbia, Md., much like Reston, Va., is a planned community.

The restaurant has an interesting tidbit behind its name, which you should check out, and their food game is fierce.

We started off with chorizo and bleu cheese stuffed mushrooms and poutine.


I was surprised to see poutine on the menu, honestly, which is why I ordered it. A Canadian staple, poutine is comprised of french fries and cheese curds covered with gravy. This version had shredded duck in addition to everything else. And, my goodness, it was one of the best things.


Those fries were fried in duck fat, and they were some of the crispiest fries I’ve eaten. I hadn’t eaten that much that day, so I was confident I’d have enough room for my entree even if I ate the whole poutine dish. And lucky for me, I did.


Everyone knows the best place to get a crab cake is in Maryland. Victoria’s confirmed that. The crab cake sat on top of a tomato that was suspended in this corn chowder sauce. That corn was so crunchy, I can’t even explain it to you. I’m definitely hitting this place up again the next time I see my sister.



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