Brisket Hash at Mookie’s BBQ

I’ve written about Mookie’s before. It’s the BBQ lover’s geographical godsend if you’re a Restonite like I am.

Being an area local, I happened to know a few of the servers there from the get-go, which helps when new menu items make their debut.

That’s what happened when Mookie’s introduced a Sunday brunch menu (which, by the way, is still unlisted on their website–did I say it helps to know the servers?). Maybe they wanted to soft-launch it and see how the crowds liked it.

Well, slam dunk with this brisket hash.

Before I go on, other menu items include a BBQ breakfast sandwich, pulled pork eggs benedict, etc. You get it: barbecue breakfast.

Back to the brisket.

If we’re all being adults here,┬ásometimes I have a little too much to drink on Saturday nights. I’m sure this is a foreign concept to you, my reader, so let me spell it out.

When you wake up after a night of drinking and your body is throbbing and feeling weak and empty, there’s nothing quite like popping a poached egg and letting the yolk run down the crevasses formed by tender potato chunks, charred peppers, and smokey brisket bits.

It’s the kind of meal that makes you want to smash the plate into your face. I’m sure we’ve all had that impulse, right? This meal made me want to repeatedly mash my face into the table…in a good way. I ate every last bit, and I highly recommend you try it out if you’re in the area.

Oh, and they have a Bloody Mary bar if you’re into that sort of thing.




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