Cottage Pie at The Old Brogue

You know, I’ve been going to The Old Brogue in Great Falls, Va., regularly for about three years now, and yet I’ve never written about it. Not here, not on Yelp, nowhere.

I haven’t done much traveling, but I have been to Ireland, and the Brogue reminds me of some of the pubs I visited there. It’s dark and homey, with a din of conversation all around you. There are people to talk to as you grab a pint. And when you get hungry, there’s a number of quaint Irish mainstay dishes for you to gobble up.

The Cottage Pie is one of them.

Now, maybe Shepherd’s Pie is more traditional, but Cottage Pie is probably easier to make. You probably know the difference, but JUST IN CASE YOU DON’T, Shepherd’s Pie is made from lamb; Cottage Pie, beef. You mad now? You mad that you already knew the difference but I told you anyway?

Underneath that mashed potato topping is a meat mixture full of herbs, peas, and carrots. It’s a really hearty meal and, at least at the Brogue, it’s served piping hot. It’s a perfect coating for your stomach before putting down a couple of pints of Guinness or Smithwicks.




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