Pan Roasted Duck Breast at The Wine Kitchen

The Wine Kitchen in Leesburg, Va., combines local food with expert technique. Take this pan roasted duck breast, for example.

In my opinion, duck sucks a lot of the time. People try to cook it right, but they end up overcooking it or the skin is soggy. But The Wine Kitchen is not one of those places. Full stop. That duck was the best duck I have ever had. The skin was crispy and salty, and the actual breast was tender.

The Wine Kitchen swaps out menu items on a regular basis, so there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to order this exact dish; however, chances are, you’ll be able to order something just as delicious. Because of this, though (and because I waited a few weeks to write this post), I forget exactly what else the dish included.

The duck was served on some crispy pork belly; that much I know. As for what the pork belly rested on, I couldn’t tell you. It was almost like a kind of grits. If you can tell from the photo, feel free to drop me a line.

If you’re planning to visit the restaurant, know that they don’t take reservations. I’d go early, put your name in, and stroll around downtown until your table is ready (downtown Leesburg is a quaint little place).




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