Wienerschnitzel at Euro Bistro

I don’t eat Austrian cuisine really at all. Looking at this blog, it’s not hard to see that. But someone recommended I try Euro Bistro in Herndon, Va., soI figured I’d bite.

Traditionally, wienerschnitzel–Austria’s national dish–uses veal, but I opted for pork ($20). You can still get the veal ($25), but I wanted a beer and dessert, so I decided to┬áminimize the wallet damage.

First off, for $20, you’re getting a TON of food:┬áthree large, thin pork chops. Add a side to that, and you’ll be very full whether or not your finish your meal.


That’s the side I ordered: mashed potatoes that were a bit sour like sauerkraut. I can’t find the side dishes on the restaurant’s menu, nor can I recall what exactly was in them, but these potatoes were delicious. I’d chase each bite of the pork chop with them.

The gravy they served with the wienerschnitzel was just so rich and tasty, too.


And that was desert: apple strudel a la mode. There’s something unbeatable about the warm/cold combination in a desert. If you can dig it, it’s worth visiting.





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