Raspberry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast at Hootch & Banter

And that is officially the longest headline I’ve had on this blog.

I’m not much of a brunch person. For me, brunch is a way to eat Eggs Benedict without having to make it myself. If I do go to brunch, I try to find the places that mix it up a bit (i.e. my posts about Mookie’s and Bistro St. Michael’s).

So, when we arrived in Frederick, Md., one (very) rainy Sunday, we opted for Hootch & Banter, a modern American restaurant with an extensive (and impressive) drinks menu. Shoutout to the grapefruit crush I had. Delicious. All in all, I really enjoyed this place, but there was one bit of my experience I wasn’t crazy about:


The lobster bisque. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bowl of lobster bisque that I haven’t enjoyed until this bowl. My main pain point: they minced up lobster claw meat and mixed it into the soup. You can see those bits in the picture. It made the soup almost gritty. I think large chunks of lobster beats all.

But that was just my starter. Onto the real shining moment of this brunch: the raspberry cream cheese stuffed french toast:


The white sauce on top was some sort of vanilla cream. It was very sweet which made up for the faint sweetness of the raspberry cream cheese. It was kinda like having dessert for breakfast, but in a good way.

The dish had a sweet and salty element to it in the bacon served alongside the french toast:


I wouldn’t be surprised if they made that in-house. If not, it’s probably local. Very yummy.

The baseball game we went to see may have been rained out, but the meal was good enough that the trip wasn’t a waste at all. We’ll be back.



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