BBQ Veal Breast Tacos at Mokomandy

I kicked off my week of vacation last week with a trip to the closest Korean restaurant to where I live. Of course, if you’re familiar with Mokomandy in Sterling, Va., you will know that the restaurant also features Cajun cuisine, and often a fusionĀ of both. It’s a neat place.

This time around, I ordered three sides and two small plates. The sides included kimchi, “fire cracker” carrots, and fried kale chips:

I could not figure out why the carrots were called fire cracker carrots; they were not at all spicy, but they were pickled. Either way, they were yummy. The kale chips tasted a bit too oily for me. As for the kimchi, it was delicious.

In addition to the namesake of this post, I ordered some pork ssam:


Hard to go wrong with pork smothered in gochujang and topped with scallions and radish.

Then, the veal tacos:


The veal was very intensely flavored, but was mellowed out by the pickled cabbage and the fresh avocado. The dish has a lot of good texture to it, too, with the soft tortilla, veal, and avocado paired with the crunch cabbage. Solid.

All in all, the meal ran me just a few cents over $29, plus tip. You could do it cheaper, you could do it more expensive, but regardless, you’ll enjoy what you’re eating.


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