Tom Kha Gai at Buddalicious

Tom kha gai is one of the few Asian soups I’ve made myself. I used to live with someone who lived in Thailand, and he said it tasted notably authentic. I’ve always taken pride in that.

This is a soup I found in the Outer Banks, N.C., at a restaurant called Buddalicious. The owner is a friend, and the restaurant specializes in Asian fusion, using really fresh ingredients and featuring really yummy food.

Tom kha gai is a chicken and mushroom soup with a coconut milk base flavored with lemongrass, galangal (a relative of ginger), fish sauce, lime leaves, and chili peppers.In the case of this particular soup, it also featured asparagus stalks, fresh tomatoes, and fried onions.

Traditional? No, not really. Tasty? Yep.





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