A Trip to Crooked Run Orchard

This past weekend, we went to Crooked Run Orchard in Purcellville, Va., to go apple gleaning. Now, I’ve always called it apple gleaning, but most other people I talk to just call it apple picking. The latter is a little simpler, but I’m stickin’ to what I know.


After parking your car, you walk right up to a table with a ton of buckets. The deal is, you go and pick apples, put them in the bucket (which can hold about 13 pounds worth, the man told us), bring them back to the register,¬†and purchase ’em.


So, off we went.


Apples that-a-way.

Down a gravel path and over a little creek. Just like the way to grandma’s.


Once you arrive at the actual orchard, there are signs telling you which rows contain what kind of apples. The orchard had about four different kinds: golden delicious, red delicious, mutsu, and I forget all the rest. They had a special kind of apple that’s good for baking, but those apples all appeared to be picked.


One of the mutsu apple trees.

Red delicious apples, both in the tree and on the ground (after not falling far, Dad).


My favorite apple. As I picked it off of the tree, one small leaf remained attached. It was like an apple out of a painting or cartoon. This apple was also remarkable because it didn’t have many blemishes.


Here’s the final yield. Going to turn these apples into cider (but only after a good wash). I am a bit worried, not going to lie, about how “ugly” these apples are, but there’s a campaign going on this year to “eat ugly apples,” so I’m going to just peel them and hope for the best.

Cider recipe to come.



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