Steak and Eggs at Red’s Table

Every year at the end of October, I visit each of the five lakes of Reston: Anne, Audubon, Fairfax, Newport, and Thoreau. Check out my photos below:

That’s them in order: Anne and Audubon up top; the other three from left to right at the bottom. Every fall is different, huh? These are the photos I got of the same lakes in 2015:

Audubon, Newport, and Thoreau. Despite going on nearly the same date, the leaves were more turned at the end of October 2015 than they were in October 2016.

And since we’re already doing this, check out this heavily altered photo of, in my opinion, the best grouping of trees to gaze at during Autumn:


Even without editing, those trees are something fierce. Surely a sight that’s captured many an eye and heart.

Where’s the food?

We got hungry after visiting Lakes Fairfax, Newport, and Anne, so we went to a place that I think of when I think “Reston food”: Red’s Table.

Strolling around the lakes made me particularly hungry, and it was still brunch time, so I went with the steak and eggs:


Eggs over easy and an even medium rare on the steak. The hash browns in back were made partly with sweet potatoes, adding an extra soft and slightly sweet element to them. Kudos, Red’s Table, as always.

Readers note: there are other good brunch options outside of the Reston Town Center!


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