Pan-Seared Salmon and Root Veggies

I recently took a Gordon Ramsay Masterclass online. Through the class, Gordon doesn’t teach recipes as much as he teaches technique and, really, ideology; he teaches you how to think about ingredients.

I buy salmon every week, but when it came to imagining a side dish, I took a page from his book: roast veggies on a bed of herbs with just some salt, pepper, and olive oil. Let the flavors meld into one another. Keep it simple and allow the natural flavors to shine.

The other page I took with this dish was one of Joey’s book. He’s a barbecue prodigy who’s loved lemon pepper seasoning as of late. You should really check out his food blog; it’s an inspiration to me, and there’s a lot of fantastic stuff on there.

For the dish, heat the oven to 375 degrees. Once it’s reached temperature, throw in your root vegetables tossed in the aforementioned salt, pepper, and olive oil. I used one carrot, one parsnip, and parsley.

At that point, heat up your skillet until it’s very hot. Throw in your seasoned salmon, flesh-side up, and sear for a couple of minutes. Then, flip the salmon over, skin-side down, and throw it into the over. The residual heat in the bottom of the pan will crisp up the skin, and the ambient heat of the oven will cook the salmon through. Cook for about five minutes and remove both the veggies and the salmon.

Plate your food and add some of the crisped up parsley as garnish. Make sure you have some fresh lemon on hand, too. All in all, a 10-15 minute recipe. Perfect food for when you come home after a long day: healthy and simple.



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