Pufferfish Wings – Ford’s Fish Shack

You may have heard that the poison from a pufferfish can be fatal. You are correct. Some cultures, though (the Japanese), have found ways to prepare the food in a non-toxic way. Add good ol’ globalization to the mix, and now you can enjoy pufferfish at Ford’s Fish Shack in Ashburn, Va.

It takes a very small amount of this poison to be deadly. When it affects a living organism, it affects electrical signaling in the nerves. But when it’s served on the menu of a franchised restaurant, I figured I’d take my chances.

It’s a bony fish, and a little dense. It can have a chew to it that you might not expect from a sea creature (unless you were eating squid or octopus). At Ford’s, it was slathered in a buffalo sauce and served with celery root slaw (delicious, by the way). I wasn’t crazy about it, but I walked away with the story!




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