Ribs and Pulled Pork at Willard’s BBQ

In late-Spring, Willard’s BBQ opened up a Reston location, and we went to check it out very shortly afterward.

Reston, as much as I love it, is lacking when it comes to a couple different kinds of cuisines, and good ol’ American barbeque was on that list before Willard’s opened up. It’s nice not having to drive to their original location in Chantilly!

For $13.79, I got a duo meat platter consisting of pulled pork and ribs. That includes two sides and cornbread. So, basically, for $14, I got dinner, lunch the next day, and dinner the next day. Not complaining at all.

We went early–around 6:30p.m.¬†or so–and there were no lines. I imagine it gets a bit more crowded during your typical dinner hours, but if you’re looking for something quick to pick up as you’re passing through Reston, it’ll hit the spot.

Inside seating area is probably a bit smaller than the Chantilly location, but it’s still accommodating and adorned with all of the kitschy decorations that Willard’s customers have loved from the get go. And there’s a sauce bar with different sauces, which is always a huge perk for the indecisive, a group in which I am thoroughly situated.

If you’re looking for some hefty sustenance after a trip to that Home Depot, you’ve got another option!



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