Chorizo with Sweet and Sour Figs at Barcelona Wine Bar

Barcelona, located in the Reston Town Center, is a fun place to eat with a menu consisting mostly of tapas, or small plates, with a Spanish influence. As you’d expect, they also have a number of paellas that you can order and share with others.

But we like to stick to the tapas. And one plate, in particular, chorizo with sweet and sour figs, is not only always on the menu when we visit, but also always on our table shortly after we sit down.

The chorizo–a spicy sausage–and figs are coated in a balsamic glaze. If you’d like to kick it up, as we like to, try ordering it alongside a crusty bread and some light, spreadable cheese, like goat cheese. It’s unreal.

This particular plate will run you $8.50. Come hungry and come open-minded!



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