Onion Tart Pizza at Ava’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar

HELLO!┬áIt’s been a while since my last post, and that’s because I was vacationing near St. Michaels, Md. Mighty pretty out on the Eastern Shore, and the place is full of good eats. This onion tart pizza is one of them.

Ava’s pizza is probably the best you’ll find in the area. That’s because of their wood fire grill. The restaurant has your standard margarita pizza, cheese pizza, and white pizza, but they don’t stop there. Ava’s also offers specialty pizzas like a mediterranean pizza and, as is highlighted in this post, an onion pizza.

The onion tart is like french onion soup in pizza form, but better. It’s got that deep, sweet oniony flavor that is born from cooking the heck out of onions, and that’s complemented well by the salty, thick gruyere cheese underneath. They drizzle sour cream on top, making each bite a bit creamier. The crust is perfect; not too brittle, not too soft. The crust also has some really salty cheese crisps on the edges (my guess is asiago) that really make it flavorful. In other words, if you don’t normally eat the crust, you might this time.

Ava’s offers a number of other entrees like shrimp fra diavolo and chicken marsala, but I haven’t tried them. You can, though. And you should.



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