Moist Brisket at Klein Smokehaus

I was so spoiled when we visited San Antonio, Texas, last month. I look at photos of brisket almost every day of the week, so going to the land of pit barbecue made me very excited.

We stayed some miles away from San Antonio in a small-ish town called Boerne. First stop: Klein Smokehaus. I could have exploded when the guy asked me what kind of brisket I wanted: lean or moist. You don’t even get asked that here in Virginia. I opted for moist.

Moist brisket comes from the top part of the brisket. Most of the fat has been rendered into the meat, but as you can see in the photo, there’s still some on the meat. IT’S ALL INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS.

The photo doesn’t show it well, but the meat is glistening. So freaking tender.


And guess what was for dinner? Yup. More brisket.


Texas is love.


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