Kitty Hawk Oysters at North Banks Restaurant & Raw Bar

When I travel somewhere, I like to eat food that’s specifically from that place. That’s why I feel guilty when I go to the Outer Banks, N.C., and get my inevitable craving for crab legs. Always happens when I can smell the ocean. But the problem is, any snow or king crab legs I get won’t be from North Carolina.

But luckily my stomach is big enough to fit other food in there, so I opted to start my crab legs meal with some local oysters from Kitty Hawk.

If you’re not familiar with the Outer Banks, you might still recognize Kitty Hawk, as it was made world-famous when the Wright brothers pioneered modern flight there on Kill Devil Hill in 1903.

There’s only so much you can say about oysters, but these were remarkable in that they were the largest oysters I’ve ever had. Twice the size, at least, of any Prince Edward Island oysters I’ve eaten in my lifetime. Or any other kind of oyster, for that matter.

These were served with a lemon wedge, a standard cocktail sauce, a chipotle oil, and a chili vinegar.



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